Would You Mind Your Child Marrying a Transgender Person?

Guess who's coming to dinnerA friend of mine came up with an intriguing idea for a sequel to Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, the 1967 Sidney Poitier movie about interracial marriage. Dr. John Prentice, Poitier’s character in the film, is still happily married and now an 80-plus grandfather. When his grandson brings home an Asian woman he introduces as his fiancée, the open-minded family patriarch is of course not fazed a bit – until it’s revealed that the woman is transgender. Of course, as in the original, the lovebirds won’t go through with it unless Poitier gives his approval.

Once again, liberalism is put to the test. And the question of the day is, would YOU ever give your blessing to your child dating — or tying the knot with — a transgender person?

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