By C. Michael Forsyth

It’s commonly said that opposites attract. But is that really so? Whenever I spend a day as a vendor at a book fair, several pairs of young men and women stop by the booth who look like brother and sister but tell me they’re actually couples. It struck me that married folks don’t grow to look alike, they often start out looking alike. Because, given our druthers, we feel most comfortable in a relationship with a person who’s a whole lot like us!

So perhaps when you do run into husbands and wives who are polar opposites, it’s not really the result of opposites attracting. It’s just that when people have had bad luck in the dating game, they eventually give up on trying to find a “soul mate” they’re compatico with and out of desperation hook up with someone with whom they have nothing in common. But, having run out of options, they’re absolutely determined to make the mismatch work — and it does!

What do you think? Check out the replies below, they put your own two cents in.

The writer of this blog is C. Michael Forsyth, author of the new romance novel The Blood of Titans.

The writer of this blog is C. Michael Forsyth, author of the new romance novel The Blood of Titans.

You can check out The Blood of Titans HERE.


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  2. Please, give me a break you marry your parent(or depending on his or her behavior the opposite). I think couples are attracted to the opposite personality. There is a curiosity and challenge of someone allowing you to “cross the line” and explore the suppressed you. Then successful couples(those staying together longer than 10 years) will tend to merge/blend personalities, a type of conformity (compromise), if you will that help couples to learn and know each other over time and their behavior, morales, dressing and appearance will evolve into one with time. It is a sign of familiarity.
    regards cherie-amor

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